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Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass

Seeing your dog feeding on grass in your lawn can leave you worried. Many dog owners suggest that it can be due to hunger or illness exhibited by your dog. A common phrase which describes the behavior of a dog consuming foreign objects by scientists is called Pica.

Pica can be a symptom that shows your dog is suffering from a type nutritional deficiency in the body, which relates to its diet. It is therefore displayed when your dog is bored, particularly in young pups. Experts suggest that the dog’s feeding habits on grass is part of an involuntary response, which leads to vomiting of unwanted substances in the dog’s body.

Further investigation into the feeding habits of your dog on grass can be linked to improving the digestion system that gets rid of worms ingested in the stomach. Your dog could also be filling a nutritional need, which includes intake of fiber. Since grass is a rich source of fiber for herbivores, it also aids in dogs. It can also be only due to the attraction to the smell of grass.

If boredom is leading your dog to feed on grass, begin exercising the dog. Participate in regular fun activities which are sure to make your dog active again. Throwing a Frisbee could be a solution you need for your dog’s behavior. A chew toy an also do the trick for your dog.

In case the behavior is attributed to a nutritional deficiency, you can switch to a better dog food which is rich in fiber to help solve the problem. Allowing your dog to graze in your lawn can be catastrophic as suggested by experts. There are numerous chemicals in your garden that are toxic for the consumption of your dog. Moreover, many garden plants can also be quite harmful to the dog. In case your dog keeps eating grass and vomiting but looks fine afterwards, it is highly likely that they have taken care of what was bothering them. But if your dog continues to vomit, you should seek the services from a professional.

You shouldn’t be concerned when your dog eats frequently on grass. However, the compulsive ingestion of foreign objects on regular occasions can be a symptom of pica. You should consult your vet since pica can be a sign of digestive and nutritional issues. It is recommended to consult a vet when the feeding behavior is becoming a nuisance. In conclusion, the sight of your dog grazing on grass should not worry you about the health status of the dog.
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